Everything Under the Sun Expo Opens as a Safety Success!

Published on: February 19, 2021

We couldn’t be more excited to be back on show site with our long time Florida Swimming Pool Association partner to produce the Everything Under the Sun Expo!  

After months of planning, and perseverance from our client, we are finally able to see a show open! Everything Under the Sun Expo runs February 19-20th at the Orange County Convention Center.

We worked with the facility, industry partners, and under local health officials to ensure a safe environment for the meeting, exhibit, events, and all of its exhibitors and attendees. 

The floor plan was designed to ensure social distancing, signage throughout the center reminded everyone to practice physical distancing, and masks were worn throughout the event to allow this tradeshow to run safely throughout the move in and show run. 

We are proud of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, the Orange County Convention Center, participating vendors, and our Arata team. We hope the success and safety of this event leads to the continued return of the tradeshow industry for all of us. 

We are all on the way back to doing what we know and love!