Exhibitor FAQs

Questions frequently asked by exhibitors:

How do I get my password?
We provide an Ordering Open Campaign by email to the exhibitor contact provided to us by show management.  This campaign includes a link to our ACES portal, login and temporary password. 

How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, email customerservice@arataexpo.com.

Where do I get order forms?
Each show has an exhibitor service manual which will have everything you need to successfully plan your show including order forms and instructions. If you do not receive an Ordering Open Campaign email, contact us at customerservice@arataexpo.com.

Where do I get a copy of my invoice?
You may log in to our ACES portal at any time to review and print a copy of your invoice.  From the home page go to My Orders and select print and/or email receipt.

Do I have to read all of the information in the service kit?
Yes.  The information in the exhibitor service manual will answer most of your questions.  Understanding the rules and procedures for your event will help you save money and time.

Where is the information on deadlines and show hours listed?
Log in to our ACES portal and select your event.  The deadlines are listed under the “Important Dates” on the first page. The deadlines dates can also be found on the individual order forms in the PDF portion of the exhibitor service manual which is located under “Additional Information” block on the home page. The show hours will also be listed on the first page.

Where do I send my electrical forms?
Electrical forms should be sent to the vendor listed on the electrical form.

Where do I send my AV forms?
AV forms should be sent to the vendor listed on the AV form.

What is the restoration fee?
Any exhibitor utilizing an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor is assessed a flat fee per square foot to cover all miscellaneous costs related to the restoration of the exhibit space to its original condition

What is the shipping address?
There are typically two different shipping addresses – advanced warehouse and show site.  Review the material handling fees and shipping deadlines to decide which choice is better for you.  Then check the exhibitor service manual for the shipping address for the service you have chosen.

What is the difference between shipping and material handling?
Shipping is the transport of your exhibit material (freight) to the advance warehouse or show site via a carrier (the company you use to ship your freight) of your choice. Material handling, often referred to as drayage, is the round-trip movement of your freight from the carrier to your booth and back. Freight handling includes:

  • Unloading your materials from your carrier
  • Storage at our warehouse or show site prior to the event
  • Delivery of the materials to your booth
  • The handling of empty containers to and from storage
  • Storing your empty containers during the event
  • Returning your empty containers at the end of the event
  • Moving your material from the booth to the loading dock for reloading on your outbound carrier
  • Loading your freight on your carrier’s truck


Does material handling include the cost for me to ship my exhibit property?
No, material handling should not be confused with the costs payable to your carrier for shipping your materials to and from the show. Rates for material handling are published in the exhibitor service manual.

May I carry my own materials into the building without using the freight handling service?
In most cases, an exhibitor may personally deliver only those materials which can be hand-carried in one trip without the use of the loading dock and/or additional equipment. The rules vary from city to city, so be sure to refer to your exhibitor service manual for specific information regarding your show.

Should I ship to the advance warehouse or direct to show site?
There are advantages to shipping to the advance warehouse versus directly to show site:

  • The ability to confirm your shipment(s) has arrived and everything is accounted for.
  • The shipment(s) will be delivered to your booth prior to the official exhibitor move-in time, allowing you to begin set-up upon your arrival to show site.
  • Delivery dates and times are more flexible.

The benefits of shipping directly to show site are:

  • Shipments do not need to ship as far in advance.
  • Handling of your shipment is reduced to a minimum.

How do I ship my material at the close of show?

  • Set up an outbound shipment with the carrier of your choice. We recommend you arrange your inbound and outbound shipping at the same time and well before the show.
  • Contact your carrier the day before the show closes to confirm your outbound shipment arrangements. Be sure to give yourself enough time after the close of the show to pack up all of your material before your carrier is scheduled to arrive.
  • Pack and label your exhibit property. Shipping labels are available at the Arata Service Desk.
  • Once your materials are packed and ready to be picked up by your carrier, complete an Arata Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading provides Arata essential information about your shipment and helps ensure a smooth load out from show site to your carrier.
  • Submit your completed Arata Bill of Lading to the Arata Service Desk. This alerts Arata your shipment is ready to be loaded on your carrier’s truck.

Why do I have to arrange for my carrier to pick up my freight at the close of the show?  Isn’t that part of material handling?
Shipping is separate from material handling. Arrangements with your carrier allow you to confirm the address it is being sent to, confirm what time you want it picked up, and confirm the pricing for the shipment.

Why do I have to complete an Arata Bill of Lading (BOL) form since I already have my carrier’s BOL?
The Arata Bill of Lading allows us to release your freight to your designated carrier.


If you have more questions not addressed here, please contact either of our customer service departments listed below.

Corporate Headquarters
arata expositions inc.
15928 Tournament Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Fax: 301-990-1717

Orlando, FL Office
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